HUD and Rural Development


If you take funds from HUD or Rural Development for public housing or are in the insured multifamily housing program, then you probably already know that you have to comply with some specific government requirements for your accounting practices.  One of them is that you must have an annual audit performed by a CPA that is certified to do so.

That's where we come in. Schoeppner & Associates has been helping our clients with their HUD and Rural Development audits for over thirty years.  We are a small firm, which means our rates are much more reasonable than the big firms, and you get the same person working on your investment each year, rather than the latest new hire.

These audits are incredibly long, complex and tedious and not just any CPA can do them.  There are specific requirements that you have to meet including passing a Peer Review by an outside CPA firm.  We also have continuing education requirements so that we can stay on top of the endless changes that are required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Call us today for a free consultation.  We will work with you to simplify your involvement and make HUD and Rural Development audits worry free.